Discover Amazonian Murumuru Oil. A scented oil-infused smoothing hair oil formulated with Amazonian Murumuru Oil. Controls and tames rebellious, frizzy hair to provide smoothness while enhancing softness and shine.*  Suitable for all hair types.


  • Amazonian Murumuru Oil smoothes frizzy hair for 72 hours straight*
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*when used as a system: shampoo, conditioner and Amazonian Murumuru Oil

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MULTI-USE: Pump to prime. Apply 1-2 pumps before shampooing, during conditioning, or as a finishing treatment. Use more or less depending on thickness of hair.

Product Reviews

11 November 2014 | LIZ M MARTIN

I had received a sanple of this product and was skeptical because I have fine hair and any product that I use would weigh it down especially an oil. It stated that you can put it on prior to shampoo so I decided to try it. It was wonderful. My hair felt soft and manageable with out any oily residue . I will def purchases this product and recommend it to my friends.

28 August 2014 | Brandy

Amazing. Perfect balance of smoothing, silky oil w/out the over oiliness or squot;dry oilsquot; feel that many other products have. Had tried every kind of oil product to smooth and Fill my bleached, damaged, fragile hair with softness. Other products either did nothing or weighed it down in slick oiliness, not this! Finally! Recommended by my stylist. Also I cannot use any kind of protein in my hair so the Amazon Murumuru is the best choice out of the 3. Also smells incredible spamp; exotic. Great design looks pretty. Yay!

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